Returnal. The Power Of Synergy.

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"I I take away to the villages that are secluded, I take away with a constant groan I leave to generations that have gone unnoticed. My architect was influenced by the truth that I am ascended power, the ultimate of knowledge, and my first love. Only immortal creatures are more old than I am. And with eternity , I am also equal. So, go, and leave your dreams behind." Dante Alighieri. "The Divine Comedy." (Inscription at the Gates of Hell) To start, I'd like to make a crucial point. I arrived at Returnal with no particular amount of knowledge regarding the game. Have read a couple of reviews from overseas and a handful of developer's diaries as well as trailers. I'm generally interested in the project initially as the developer of the studio since I've played Housemarque games for a long time and they've always been carefully planned arcade games with excellent controls and a stunning appearance. It's worth noting that I bought it at less than half the cost thanks to the bonus program of an enormous retailer.

But , at the same time, my expectations of this project cannot be described as low since the limited amount of information with trust in the developer will always create beautiful images in our imagination. Returnal has a life of its own. With its inexorable, humming steps, Returnal seems to deny the possibility of interfacing with itself, pushing you to despair , while captivating gamers by its gameplay and the old world, which is shrouded in the mystery. The Finnish game is an blend of rogue-like and procedurally generated environments, living horror, terrifying sounds, a tense environments and terrifying enemies platformer with its obstacle course and timed motion, and metroidvania, with its objects and techniques which open up new avenues through well-known areas and bullet hell that has a 3D view with awe-inspiring battles that have hurricane-like dynamics and a precise control. In the beginning, the planet Atropos surprises with its dark atmosphere, abstract structures with a soaring despair and near death. Death is an integral part of the game in this game, and the atmosphere and complexity are only an instrument that the creators created to help gamers to understand the story of Selena an astronaut, who's deep-space exploration mission led her onto the surface of the cursed planet. And it is true that learning from the environment is a process that works. Examining the principles in random universe generation changing with each passing of the clock and each memorial paid to Htonos (the monument that is located at the beginning of the game) and with every new capability and each newly discovered biome, you cannot help not be amazed at how smoothly the game changes, increasing the number of locations and the addition of new skill checks to keep players immersed in constant exhilaration. It's been quite a while since I've pondered games during my free time however Returnal has been able to extend its warm, sloggy roots into my nightmares. What could be a better way to be captivated by such stunning beauty?

In HDR all of the dark regions in the image are filled with depth. Every loss of Selene will bring her back to her starting point, the twisting ruin where her small spaceship was, the Helios was destroyed. However, the environment around the base is always changing with each resurrection, changing the layout of the levels, and scattering weapons, power-upsand hidden rooms, and enemies randomly. It appears that the developers only made a few dozen locations - geocaches, hubs, docking corridors, stores, challenging power-ups, and more as well as an engine that creates the same design using these elements every time. After a couple of hours it is possible to explore the created landscapes with ease and prepare for some battles in advance and develop strategies in each attempt to escape this hellish area. However, once you overcome another monster and gain access to an entirely fresh biome (level) and, then dies, not just new "rooms" are created within the biomes of previous biomes however, the previously familiar areas are ripped into pieces, combining and assembling to create new, bizarre shapes. The heart of the game is an algorithm that cleverly utilizes numerous elements in order to produce hundreds of different variations. The system becomes increasingly complicated, twisting the traditional paths made up of doors and rooms into bizarrely jagged spirals filled with teleports and portals hidden in the vastness of the bottomless wells. A straight line of things in a void and uninhabited wasteland is bordered by mazes, tombs and challenges. However, since the primary reason behind the game is death of characters and restart of the world, as well being able to waste ether and gain permanent items, you'll need to be able to sit for hours using a gamepad on your hand to find all the trumps hidden within Returnal's vast sleeves. There's plenty of variety to the game. *Fragmented ASTRA PROTOCOL

1. Infractions to safety protocols: Perform unsafe tasks using features which guarantee the highest probability of brainstem degeneration. If you want to begin describing all the interconnected parts of the game then you'll need to access an "Wiki" as well as there is a wiki about the game that is already in existence, therefore I'll brief sketch some details for you to. Like most members of the rogue-like style developers offered numerous things to collect, including the standard "health" up to special "parasites" alien creatures that have both positive as well as negative effects. One of the complaints that have been reported on the internet (especially for people who haven't previously played) is the limited range of weapons available for the genre and the ineffective examples of the weapons (hello the shotgun!). Actually, the game includes 10 weapons, among which isn't one that is a firearm. However, I'd like to make it clear. Every one of the nine guns that are ranged differs not just in the fundamental characteristics that are dropped out randomly based on the skill of Selena, but also in the form of fire alternative as well as some or all (again according to the level of skill of the weapon) mods that alter the behaviour of the weapon. For instance, the infamous shotgun (called the game's "womb spewer") is able to start very precise shooting the laser beam, then transform into a sniper rifle. In the case of the same shotgun, it can be clear what the variety of weapons used in the game actually is. Take a look. 5 different types of alternative fire plus three perks that start at every subsequent stage of developments of a weapon plus 2 additional perks to flexibility. A rough estimate is 5x3 + 5x3x2 +5x3x2x2 + 5x3x2x2x2x2x2x2 = 215 of shotguns. This is assuming you don't consider that as you progress in the game, as you unlock new modifiers they'll be available right from the start. Yes, in when the action is in the middle you'll find that the Wet Spewer becomes a formidable weapon that can be deadly that can rapidly reduce the bar on health of strong adversaries. One of the sources, Aether, stays with Selena until her death and with every new challenge, it is used to increase the amount of "composite piece of puzzle" from which her Majesty's Chance can create new worlds. Aether can also be used to get rid of spoilage from certain sarcophagi and objects, as well as to generate machines capable of making copies of Selene which gives an opportunity to relive the past within a game-generated universe. A second form of currency called called Oboliths are used to make objects in specific locations. Oboliths are dropped by defeated players and vanish quickly, making players to rush through the arena trying not to miss even a single glittering particle. Looking for "calibrators" lets you increase the gun ownership for aliens and allows access to more powerful guns that come with cool features like acceleration of the rate of fire, hitting the walls of bullets, or self-guided missiles.

Additionally, there are locations scattered and unlock all keys to doors and other disposable objects as well as artifacts from previously as parasites, weapons, and logbook entries that were left behind in the past life of the principal character. The role of Selena is a joy. Talking about her. In the video that was first shown, that was shown during the launch to the console lead character admittedly not surprised. But in light of the events that are taking place in the world of gaming, it's already a brave move. You can decide for yourself: first of all, Selena is a representative of the Caucasian race. Second, as per certain indications, she's heterosexual. In addition, the actress is of athletic size (astronauts are not obese people). Her facial features are astonishment and heterochromia (different shades of the eyes) I'd like to describe as an important feature. I'll also point out the success of the actress as well as the English or Russian voice-overs. In this depressing and dark world, it's easy to feel the character's feelings very strongly, which is why I'm satisfied with my selection of characters. I would also suggest the Russian voiceover to walkthrough. Returnal includes multiplayer elements included in the gameplay periodically the game will inform you that a different spacesuit's radio signal is located in the area. This is the remains of other players that were killed with the help of tentacles and various enemies. There are two options available: cut off the corpse (by burning ether) as well as to take revenge on the deceased. In the second scenario it is possible to see the person (very powerful) who has killed a player appears before you, and defeating him will bring 4 units of ether for you. The player who you avenged, receives an appropriate message as well as an additional item. Asymmetrical multiplayer is becoming commonplace in recent times, and the implementation is organically integrated into the game. The other thing that appears organic and even consider it outstanding for a first-wave game on a brand new console, is the visual aspect of Returnal. This Housemarque is able to be awe-inspiring was evident during the release of PS4 in the form of rolling out a shoot-em-up in voxel Resogun made up of tiny particles that obeyed the laws of Physics (incidentally Super Stardust was excellent from a visual point of viewpoint).

Fog is among the most important elements that compose the atmosphere. In their first "big" project the tiny Finnish studio appears having found ideal balance of graphics: complicated Ray Tracing is employed in this case to prepare global illumination, allowing their resources to create beautiful and intriguing graphic effects. The style of Returnal is due to a synergy of voxel and polygonal engines. The most cool fog available that reacts realistically to the motions of enemies and the heroine. It also has a myriad in glowing particle (physically precisely scattering over areas) and projectiles, as well as stunningly fluid animations of local fauna. The gates that separate places open, you will see dust particles and dirt strewn from above inside the doorway. I loved how the teleportation was presented by the force field that surrounds the teleport can be represented as glowing particles which are in Brownian motion, moving around in an spherical orbit. Once Selena is nearing the field the glowing particles break and allow the woman to step onto the platform for teleportation. In that instant, the pulse engines generate the DualSense vibrate within her hands, indicating the position of the forcefield as well as clearly communicating the moment that the boundary of the forcefield is crossed. When the user presses a button, and the body of the heroine is disintegrated into thousands of tiny globes, each reflecting the light that surrounds her. I'm in awe at the spectacle. In spite of the amazing particles system, the image produced by the game doesn't have any claim to be flawless.

The intricate textures and objects are lacking the gloss and detail that is hand-crafted and the quantity of graphics assets is lower to those of big-budget AAA blockbusters. But the tools can create stunning and often stunning images of the lost civilization. However, after a certain point the setting gets boring however, the huge art, architecture, and the look of the high-rises are able to help you avoid boredom. It's not right to not speak up about the methods of optimization that developers needed to employ in order to ensure that the game playable in accordance with modern standards. The resultant image is 4k resolution and 60 frames per second are created through a time-based conversion of the frames from 1080p up to 1440p and finally - rendering chess, increasing the number of pieces on the game's screen up to 3840x2160 pieces. This means that some objects and ground textures in certain scenarios, may show graphics artifacts. In 4K TV, most of the time, the image is crystal clear, particularly since the eyes of the player focused on the situation of battle generally look for the glow of objects as well as numerous geocaches. For smoothness: the game runs with sixty frames per second. This can drop to 55-53 frames when in most intense circumstances. However, the reason behind this is due to the appearance of massive areas and a lot of enemies. If the engine creates an enormous area, small drops in the game are apparent. However, the game plays extremely smoothly, most of the time retaining an exact control over the actions of the heroine. The Returnal Aesthetic However, it's not only the graphics that keep the player engaged. In my game console was an AVR receiver and a great 5.1 speaker system by Bose, an American manufacturer Bose. Since then, I've played around 50 popular video games from various consoles, to experience the acoustic capabilities that the device has. I am able to say that the Returnal's precision in positioning is comparable to the second TLOU, as well as the most recent Uncharted and it allows you to know the angle at the distance to the player's position when they attack the opponent (and the precise position remains in place even when headphones are connected due to Tempest). In addition, with the sound of crickets and the moans of alien plants, you'll be able to gaze into the cloudy sky of the Atropos planet Atropos for a lifetime.

In terms of the sounds themselves: The game mixes high frequency and emphasizes them with shake, humming and microscopic tremors in the DualSense middle frequencies which carry the most important audio information, and a rich middle and upper bass, emphasising the force of explosives, weapons and enemies, as well as heavy low-frequency, stringy vibrations dispersing across the space like a mist that covers the ruinous ruins in the dark. In addition the fervor and sensitivity in DualSense's DualSense tactile feedback is as great as in Astrobot. Returnal will make it clear that the tactile experience needs to remain a fixture in the game industry because it lets you experience the game through another person's emotions, something that's extremely valuable. To show how insightful and detailed the feedback of the game I recorded it using an acoustic condenser microphone. Good Acoustics allowed me to not only accurately place all the events around the protagonist and her companion, but also to fully experience the soundtrack composed in the music composed by Bobby Klice. The composer created a powerful soundtrack that conveys the brutal solitude, the dangers of a foreign planet, and the wonder of the dark paths that flood with moonlight. Sing a song of desperation as well as iron determination to survive, and perform a requiem for the lost civilization. It can even inspire a amount of awe for the listener. First time I saw Death Stranding I was so enthralled that I've been coming to office and listening to the Bobby Kris music over the past two weeks right now. The music resonates deeply with what's happening on screen andconnects every aspect that affects the player, allowing the game create an incredibly unique and layered atmosphere. The only complaint I have is about the soundtrack . I would like to hear many more tracks of music. It's the one and only instance where you can tell that something is glowing does not intend to cause harm to you. If we define in simple terms the meaning behind the word "synergy" it will come out in the form of "a situation in which the total result is higher than the sum of the outcomes of its constituent parts". In general, 1+1 = 3.

Returnal is the synergistic outcome of the clever interplay of all the elements in the game, from concept and layout of game's data on the screen to the clever usage of the pulse-triggered trigger. Engine and fluid method of the generation of levels as well as the multi-layered and diverse development, the impact of randomization rules, and the way they're interconnected with an engaging and compelling storyline - propel Housemarque's game not only into the top leagues, but also into an elite group for projects which help to develop the industry and the player. It's difficult to put a finger the many different levels that the game has been designed and the feeling of excitement that comes with it lasts for an extended period of time. The range of weapons and other items even though it isn't as good as top players in the genre, is still a great choice and gives you a lot of hours of entertaining and unique game scenarios. The game's screen displays stunning landscapes with a unique style and the special effects begin right at your fingertips, then explode from the gamepad via its speaker, then pass through the top of your head, and then deep into your chest and behind through smart use of the sound mix and well-chosen audio frequencies. The interface is simple and informative, while the minicard and the simultaneous averting of an attack from an enemy through audio, visual and tangible effects lets you react quickly to threats without thinking about it. The balance between weapons or items as well as enemies theoretically lets you play the game without any setup and the plot does not have a rush to reveal its ultimate cards. The front cover of this disc (and of this piece) is the ultimate representation of the chaos that takes place when you play Selena during the course of the game. Every spacesuit in the central art is a representation of what the heroine is required to confront, and as evidence of this the spaceman will discover many of her own body parts when she moves on.

Returnal remains alive. If you draw an analogy to an individual, she's an unassuming young girl, around twenty-five. She is a master at applying makeup to highlight her virtues, with wardrobe full of skeletons and accustomed to being a victim of SPGS yet still believing in her friends. She has the ability to attract and entertain, and be a brutal character-based snob, taking out the weak player. If you've decided to love her, do not be afraid. After you've been through a portion through, she'll cause you to feel intense pain and suffering however, the "hook" created by the masters of Housemarque has already gotten deeply into your heart to be removed just as that. The very first AAA project by the Finns ultimately is not an absolute masterpiece. Randomness can be unfair at times as the graphics and performance are not perfect, the setting is not diverse initially. However, the status of it being an cult game - where it will be forever enshrined It has already gained. For me, it is now the most fun video game I've ever played. P.S. Have you paid attentively to the contents of the magazine in flight notes? The monologues that are included within the game have been written, and performed quite well, but notes can be a bit shaky.